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being a witness.
November 16, 2009, 2:55 pm
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i have recently started listening to Matt Carter from Austin Stone sermons & just incorporate that with my time with Jesus.  i am at a place where i want to learn more & just really get into his word.  this summer during staff week at camp Matt came and spoke & it just really was so good and packed with things i thought on all summer & still do.  so the serious i am at is his blue print “vision series”, trying to figure out how to be the blue print, the design of the architects heart.  the first one is titled powerful witness of the resurrection……which honestly i picked it because it sounded so cool.  he gives us the definition of what he would called a 1st century church goer – ordinary people, completely changed by Jesus Christ into powerful witnesses by the holy spirit of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  i have always read at the beginning of acts where Jesus tells us you will receive power when the holy spirit has come upon you & you will be my witness…….. & then thought wonderful i will receive the holy spirit & witness to people. i tend to miss the idea that being a witness is who we are and not something that we do. being a witness is speaking of what you have seen & heard.  continually speaking of what the lord is doing & how he has spoken to you.  they definition of a 1st century church goer also says they are changed by the holy spirit of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  the power of the resurrection is something i use to totally skip over, but i don’t know how i did that.  it is the most amazing part of Jesus story. and he gave us that same power.  we focus a lot on the cross which i realized this last spring, which is good to know & talk about it.  but then he got up from the grave…..that is huge!  we don’t praise a dead god, we praise the one living God.  Matt said this “if you never see the supernatural power”, which is me because it is defiantly not something i see all the time, but on rare occasions.   he said then it is because of 1 of 2 reasons.

1. you are not saved

2. you are never in situations where you need the super natural power.

which sounds pretty harsh, but i thin that it is true.  so, since i am saved.  i don’t put myself in situations where i need his power.  this is totally true, i rarely need anything.  but in reality he is all i need & i need and want that supernatural power he has offered to us.  I want to surrender my life. for the lord to do a work in my life where i look like he said i would: a powerful witness of the resurrection.

this week that is a hope i have, is that i will put my self in a place to need his super natural power & practice calling on it & believing in it.



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good stuff, Bern! Amen to all of it and it makes me want to listen to ol’ Chandler. I am glad you are blogging 🙂

Comment by Steph Lee

umm…can i request another entry please? 🙂

Comment by Steph Lee

bernie! this is, in the words of Brian Lee, “good stuff”…time for another one 🙂

Comment by Ashley

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